Saturday, 10 January 2015

The Beginning

I have come to the conclusion that keeping a diary is impossible. They are impossible to keep up and there is no way to make a diary anonymous. (Which is a bad thing because everyone will know that all the embarrassing things that happen to you actually happen to YOU) a blog, though, seems perfect. 

This blog is anonymous. A for anonymous. Well, no, A is actually the first letter of my name, but it works out well doesn't it? I like the idea of something being anonymous. I feel like I can be myself without actually having to be myself... You get me? 

I've been wanting to start a blog for a long time. But I've always been so apprehensive to actually DO it. I don't have a reason why I am, I guess its just because I always have been and always will be a big procrastinator. I put things off for no apparent reason, but I'm finally doing it. I'm finally starting a blog. And its SO COOl. 

I just wanted to say hi, and welcome to my blog. I hope you like it even though this post has no real subject or purpose. I want this blog to be a place where people can go if they ever feel down, I want to inspire people, so if you are reading this and have any suggestions of how I can make this blog better please comment!

I hope I haven't made too bad of an impression, (my first impressions are usually horrible). Please come back here soon as I promise you my posts will get better! And by better I mean they actually have a subject!

 A xxx